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Health At Every Size | Holiday Health Blog Hop | Kristy Fassio

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The closer we get to the New Year, the more we begin to hear the buzz around diet and weight loss.  The diet industry is poised and ready to make money off of the social guilt and shame that is pushed on people after their holiday indulgence.  It can be extremely challenging to maintain a positive body image and healthy body relationship.  That’s why I am excited to be a part of this “Holiday Health Blog Hop”  with some of my fellow Health At Every Size  (HAES) advocates.  We decided to unite in providing simple, effective body positive tips to help you on your holistic health and wellness journey.

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The Other War On Christmas And How To Begin To Shut It Down

by Kristy Fassio

First off – I’m not going to get all political here. I promise. The war I see starts every year around October, when the Halloween candy starts to come into our homes, which is followed by the Thanksgiving meal, which gives way to holiday parties and more big meals. My Facebook newsfeed and e-mail inbox is full of messages that say things like:

“Cakes, pies and fat thighs!”

“Burn off those Christmas Cookies!”

“Lose 10 pounds this holiday season!”

“How to navigate holiday parties without gaining weight!”

“Get into your little black dress in 10 days with our juice fast!”

I don’t know about you, but none of these makes me think I’m going to be enjoying my holiday season. They make me think I’m going to be hungry and probably very cranky, if we’re talking about a 10 day juice fast done when my friends are enjoying Christmas cookies. Let me be very clear about something: the holidays are meant to be enjoyed. You are not meant to deprive or in any way make yourself miserable this holiday season. These headlines pray on your fear, not your desire to be healthy. Healthy people eat during the holiday season. Healthy people sometimes overeat during the holiday season. And healthy people really don’t care that much about it, because they just aren’t afraid of the food.

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