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Have you ever considered using natural deodorant?  With the concerns over aluminum and toxins, in antiperspirant, potentially leading to breast cancer, more women are seeking a healthier, more natural alternatives for keeping their underarms fresh.   Although the “scientific evidence” confirming the correlation between breast cancer and  antiperspirant is still up for debate,  there is never any harm in eliminating chemicals from the self care routine.  Because most women shave under their arms, the pores in that are more susceptible to being clogged with the aluminum and chemicals that are in antiperspirants.   Whatever goes onto our skin and into our pores is also going into our blood streams.   That is why I chose to transition from commercial antiperspirants to natural deodorant.  After trying SEVERAL brands of natural deodorant I learned about the Smell Good Spa Essentials Deodorant.  Here are my TOP three reasons why this is the only deodorant that I use and why I’m a devoted customer now:

  1. It WORKS-  I know it seems like that should be a given right?  If a product is sold as a deodorant, that’s what it should do right? WRONG!  I have used other “natural” deodorants and they just didn’t come through for me like I needed.  This deodorant keeps me smelling fresh through my workouts and warm moments.  It lasts all day for me and I don’t have to worry about it quitting.  It also conditions my underarms with the all natural ingredients and helps keep them smooth and evens the skin tone.
  2. It’s All Natural For Real- These days a lot of products boast about being “natural” but when you read the label there are all sorts of ingredients that you can’t identify or pronounce.  The Smell Good Spa deodorant is hand made by Itiel McVay and her family.  They are putting the finest of ingredients in their products including lots of LOVE and that matters to me!
  3. It ‘s Affordable-  I understand the value of natural ingredients in my self care products and using natural ingredients is not the cheap way to go.  It is about the quality and the fact that a little bit goes a long way.  The cost of the deodorant is awesome for the peace of mind in knowing that I am taking care of my body and avoiding toxic chemicals.

Don’t just take my word for it.  I invite you to experience the Smell Good Spa Essentials Deodorant for yourself.  You can go here to place your order, or you can enter to win one in our give away.  Either way, be sure to let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you.

For the “My Body’s Favorite Things” Give-Away

Itiel McVay of Smell Good Spa

is offering one FREE Essential Deodorant.

Learn More About her and register to win below:

Itiel McVay 

Co-Founder & Product Creator 


How did the idea for your business come to you?

I am an aficionado of fragrance oils and incense.  I became exceedingly disappointed when trying to locate the roaming street vendor for the “smell goods”.  My disappointment turned into a brilliant idea — build an online, aromatic haven for other aficionados.

What do you love about your business the most?

I love that innately I possess a tremendous amount of creativity, and when combined with certain knowledge and skills, people welcome my creations into their lives.

What is the most challenging part of what you do?

Over the years, I’ve learned that the most challenging part about being an entrepreneur isn’t external. To be better than myself, to be able to face any external challenge (make more money, gain new customers, grow a trustworthy business), I took the time to heal the challenges within.  As I evolved into the woman I desired to be, my business evolved along with me. I work from the understanding that one will never be truly successful in their endeavors if the internal challenges aren’t identified and confronted. #bewhole

What are your top 3 products that your customers love the most?

The top 3 products that my customers (family) love the most are Signature Fragrance Oils, Signature Hand-Dipped Incense, and Essentials Deodorant.

You have a social cause connected to your business, tell us more about that.

Presently, I partner with Dr. Dawn K-Aldrich of Solutions Cancer Resource Center Inc., to lift the spirits of children with cancer; children who have lost a parent to cancer; caregivers of cancer patients. There are plenty of sources to raise funds for cures. But how are the daily needs met for those with an illness, who can no longer work?  Those who do not have financial means are often overlooked.  Life is ever changing, and through many struggles joy is always present. I use my hands to create for such needs and to help bring a little joy into the lives of others. With every purchase of the Roho Pona soap, Smell Good Spa LLC donates a percentage to Solutions Cancer Resource Center Inc.

How do you think that SGS helps people to love and care for their bodies?

The Smell Good Spa™ tagline is live good.feel good.smell good.™  I create from a place that our products are the cherry-on-top of our customers’ live good, feel good life.  Our products are created wholesomely for those devoted wives, loving mothers and conscious women committed to the practice of actually living their wholeness (and who desire wholesomeness for their families). When one has made a decision to love and care for their body, everything else begins to fall into place, even down to what goes on top of their skin.  Smell Good Spa™   consciously commits to support their live good, feel good, smell good life.

What is one thing that you want every customer to receive from your business?

I want every customer to receive the gift of smelling good, wholesomely.

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