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The Doctors Gave Up On Me, So I Decided To Heal Myself

So if you’ve been following me on Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram you may have noticed that I’m embracing a new health and fitness journey.  So what’s that all about?  I’ve been chunky, thick, curvy, full figured (how ever you want to say...


Caterpillar Love: Envision me before I evolve.

 Chrysalis Love: Encourage me as I evolve.

Butterfly Love: Embrace me when I do


CHANGE.  It’s a word that brings discomfort to many and hope to some.  It means that things will be different, that what we have known to “be” will shift.  I personally have had moments of struggle with the idea of change and then I have had times of anticipation, hoping it will come.

The most beautiful thing about “Change” is that it means NEW.  New life, new opportunities, new connections, and infinite potential of NEWNESS.  Healthy evolution is about embracing CHANGE.  In every stage of life we begin with newness and somewhere along the way we settle into comfort, sometimes resisting the idea of change again.  However Change perpetuates growth.  We cannot become MORE of who we intend to be until we become LESS of who we currently are.  Less of a caterpillar, More of a chrysalis, Less of a chrysalis, More of a butterfly…until we look up and realize that we have emerged, looking NOTHING like how we began yet BEAUTIFUL all the same.



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